Thursday, July 08, 2010


These are indeed days that try men’s souls--and you know what that means for women.

We all experience trials, challenges and tough times. And we go about getting through them in a variety of ways, but to get through them at all, there is one key ingredient that must be included in the mix: hope.

We must believe that we can get through them. Otherwise, we face our trials with the absence of hope. That leaves us overwhelmed, hopeless. And hopeless, we typically don’t make an attempt to overcome anything.

We typically settle into destructive things, like looking for someone else to blame for our troubles, into resentment that we’re suffering troubles. We settle, feel put upon, forget that we had a hand in our troubles.

Our lives are not happenstance, though unforeseen incidents come to us all. But for the most part, the lives we live are a result of the choices we make.

Choices create paths. Choices carry consequences. Choices create your reality.

Once we realize that and grasp the significance, we’ve unlocked the reason we should have faith--and that reason is potent, though too often underestimated and ignored.

That reason is at any time...MORE

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