Monday, September 19, 2011

New Release-itis

An original, general market short story. Kindle 99 cent exclusive. Includes bonus material: Seascape Series Sampler. That’s the first three chapters on: Beyond the Misty Shore (10/1/2011) Upon A Mystic Tide (11/1/2011) Beside a Dreamswept Sea (12/1/2011).


It’s a special day.  The day that I have the privilege of seeing my 30th project published (articles aside because I quit counting those after I hit 100).

Before the White Rose is a general market short story I wrote for the love of it.  I didn’t write it intending to publish it.  But I am thrilled Belle Bridge Books has.  In it, three people who are at wit’s end and despairing all take action--and discover something they wished they’d discovered sooner.

For long-time readers, I wrote it as one of my Sunday book projects.  Those I write for me, ignoring everything except the story itself.  This one I wrote and it continued to nag at me.  I wasn’t sure why, and I ignored it as long as I could.  But it didn’t stop.  So I pulled it out, read it again, and saw something of value in it.  That’s when Belle Books got involved.

They’rereissuing many of my earlier works, and added a sampler of the three Seascape novels in Before the White Rose. 

It’s a Kindle 99 cent exclusive.  I’ve never done one of those in fiction, so I’m eager to see how it does.

Someone asked me this morning on Facebook when you stop getting the adrenaline rush on the day a new project is released.  “You’d think it gets old after you’ve done so many,” she said.  My response was this.

“If and when it does, and if and when I ever stop being thrilled to pieces about a new release, I’ll let you know.  But I have the feeling doing so might frighten you.”

She asked, “Why?”

I responded.  “Because as tickled as I still am, I have a feeling that won’t happen until I’m dead.”

Have to chuckle here because I am tickled.  I do still feel that same rush I did on holding my first book in my hands.  And I hope and pray I never stop feeling it!

I also hope and pray your work brings you joy and after decades of doing it, it still thrills you!



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