Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Out on a Limb

WARNING: This is a no-edit zone...

Since my computer highjacking, I've been having to recreate everything from stationery to graphics to book proposals. I thought I was going to be in serious trouble--converting not just to a new computer, but going from a PC to a Mac simultaneously. My darling Lloyd H, I know, had to be dreading the next few weeks. (When she is not happy, there's no way he's going to be happy--normal husband/wife stuff, right?)

Well, we spent a couple hours with the Mac Man, came home, plugged it in, and we were off and running. The transition is still time consuming because of all the different things I do, but I am so impressed with the ease of using this machine! There are multiple ways of doing everything (helps when you're at times left-brained and at other times, right-brained). So what I thought was going to be a nightmare has actually been fun!

And if you think that makes me happy, you're very right. But Lloyd H (though he'd never admit it) is even happier.

Still, it's going to take some time to redo everything and get back on speed. But since I'm learning...

I've done my first Blogcast. It's about transitions: Out on a Limb.

You can view it at:

If you don't have Quicktime, I'm told you can get a free copy at

I've also posted it at That's supposedly universal.

For me, it's back to the recreation.... Stationery next!



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